Detox your Arteries to the heart with this Drink

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How to Detox your Arteries to the heart?

Clogged and hardened arteries are one of the major causes for heart problems and heart attacks. More than 50% of deaths in Western countries occur because of hardened arteries. The arteries to the heart get clogged because of the plaque which is deposited in the inner lining of the artery. This black eventually can reduce the blood flow in the arteries and even block the arteries. And this naturally is going to cause heart attacks.

We have to be very serious and very aware of all this. It is known to reduce bad cholesterol very effectively. We have to do something about it so that the blockages don’t occur in our arteries. So here are some drinks which would detoxify and unclog the artery. First, wheatgrass shots. Wheatgrass is most effective just to remove the toxins from the blood vessel.

Remove some wheatgrass, wash it thoroughly well and extract the juice with the help of a blender or juicer, to begin with. You can start early in the morning as a first drink. Little things like a 30 ml shot every day person will feel a little Nauseatic. A person may not like it, but slowly you will be able to manage it. And eventually, a person can take up to 60 ml to make it tastier.

Detox your Arteries to the heart with this Drink-min
Detox your Arteries to the heart with this Drink

A person can add this to some other vegetables or fruit juices. It very effectively removes the heavy metal from the bloodstream and thereby gives a very good help to the artery. It is known to reduce bad cholesterol very effectively. Second, a concoction of ginger, garlic, and lemon. Take ginger and garlic and mash it and then boil it with water. Strain the water, add lemon juice to it and then drink it. It is an excellent drink to clean your artery. have it any time in the evening. Garlic is very effective in reducing your blood pressure and then it helps in removing the hardening of the artery, which is called atherosclerosis.

An antioxidant in ginger prevents the formation of the plague in the artery. Again, citrus flavonoids in lemon prevent clogging of the arteries. Third, cranberry smoothie blend cranberry, banana, yogurt, almond, and Orange this smoothie can become definitely part of your breakfast.

In case you don’t find cranberry, then there are more berries available in our country. Blueberry, BlackBerry, strawberry, Mulberry. All these barriers give an equal effect. We should use any of these berries. There is our excellent source of nutrients and naturally, it would help the condition of the heart and the condition of arteries on the heart. Flavonoid antioxidant, which is available in barriers, would help in reducing LDL cholesterol from the system which is bad cholesterol.

It also helps in reducing inflammation and high blood pressure and naturally it is going to help arteries of heart. Very effective citrus fruits like oranges have flavonoids that can reduce the inflammation of the arteries and it prevents free radicals in the body which oxidizes LDL.

This LDL is the main cause of atherosclerosis which is bad cholesterol or oranges also contain fiber which lowers the cholesterol. Almond increases the good cholesterol, which is HDL and naturally, it helps in removing the bad cholesterol from the system. Almond reduces the blood sugar level and naturally helps in removing diabetes. Protecting the body from diabetes is very important.

Otherwise, atherosclerosis becomes a common problem. So this smoothie is an excellent combination to prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol from your blood vessels. Your blood vessels are the channels for all the exchanges between cells and organs. so understand the health of your organs depends upon the health of the arteries. So keep it clean. Keep it free. See that no blockages are there in the arteries on heart and remain healthy. Enjoy good health in life. Namaskar.

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