7 Meal to Help You Get Better at Keto Diet For Losing Weight in One Month

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What’s up everybody welcome to hodigi. Now recently I wrote a couple of articles on the ketogenic diet, what is a keto diet for losing weight? And to be honest, if you didn’t read this you should go and check out those articles.

It will help you decide whether or not the ketogenic diet is meant for you. But first, before we start on the diet plan. I just want to make it clear that this isn’t the fixed diet that you’re going to follow.

Throughout the ketogenic diet. Every subsequent week you’ve got to keep reducing your calories. Initially, by following the ketogenic diet you can actually afford to have super greasy food as long as your overall carbs for the day of below 20 grams.

But eventually, you need to kind of reduce your fat intake just to make sure you’re under your maintenance calories.

So the diet I’m going to be showing in today’s blog is more about towards the end of keto. You know when your calories are super low, so you can definitely afford to have a lowly food, but your food can’t be extra greasy. So let’s go.

7 Meal to help you get better at Keto Diet For Losing Weight.

1 Meal – Whey protein shakes

whey protein shakes

Okay gets meal number one is a basic protein shake and water. Now I love milk generally if I’m not following a ketogenic diet, I always have my protein shake with milk in the morning. And to be honest you can afford to have a little bit of dairy on the ketogenic diet.

But we are aiming to keep it ideal. And that’s why I’ll be having my protein shake with just a little bit of water. Now in this case I’m having an isolated protein supplement with water.

Isolates are low on carbs. They low on calories and they get absorbed a little bit faster than whey protein concentrates. But the downside is that they’re a little bit expensive.

Now you can absolutely have a whey protein concentrate while on keto. But if you want to take it to the next level, if you want to be just super short about your keto.

I recommend going for an isolated protein shake. So a delicious isolate protein supplement and a bit of water is my go-to breakfast while following the ketogenic diet.

2 Meal – Tawa fried chicken

Tawa fried chicken

Okay, guys so meal number two is a basic Tawa fried chicken. I’ve just cut up a chicken breast lengthwise and fried it on a super hot cast-iron skillet with a little bit of oil and obviously after marinating it in a bunch of spices.

Every single recipe I’m talking about in today’s video I’ve already covered on the site. So if you want to know how to make these make sure you check out my keto recipes.

Now from my own experience have seen that for anyone who is following a ketogenic diet the appetite always drops. You can’t eat that much food. So today’s meal is super simple it’s just 100 or 150 grams of chicken breast. And that’s a pretty filling lunch for someone who’s on a ketogenic diet.

3 Meal – 4 egg omelet

4 egg omelet

Okay, guys now got about an hour to go before my keto key while workout. And this is where I like having my next meal.

Now traditionally I always recommend having a lot of carbs just fuel your workout. But unfortunately, we’re on keto.

And that’s why during keto I prefer having just a very simple four egg omelet cooked in just a little bit of oil.

Now you gotta remember that from the omelet you’re also getting a lot of fat through the egg yolks. So you don’t wanna overdo it with the oil. Otherwise, you won’t stay below your maintenance calories and burn off fat.

Now if you’re one of those people who like having a load of carbs before the workout. Getting used to the keto lifestyle might be a little difficult, but eventually, you realize that you just need to keep your stomach full before going into your workout that’s all.

And keep my stomach full I feel that the best option is this delicious and super simple 4 egg omelet. Oh yeah.

4 Meal – Isolate protein shake with water

isolate protein shake with water

Okay, guys I just got done with a super intense keto-fueled workout. And as always best friend after a workout is a protein shake and some water.

5 Meal – Strip fried greens

strip fried greens

Okay, guys so the next meal is a very important part of the ketogenic diet according to me. Now, remember keto diet is all about having only 20 grams of carbs a day.

Now what you fill those 20 grams with matters a lot. Now ideally instead of filling it with something like cheese or some dairy. Try filling it with green leafy veggies like this. Now here I’m just taking a little bit of lettuce a bit of cabbage and a bit of spinach and I’m just still freighted with a little bit of garlic and curry leaves.

Keep in mind that I’m counting my carbs from these veggies and I’m counting my carbs from those pods of garlic. That’s how serious you need to be in the ketogenic diet.

Now if you don’t have this you will get a lot of deficiencies and you’ll get horribly constipated. That’s why this part of the ketogenic diet is super important. Now as bad as this stays from a health perspective it’s a necessity. Don’t skip it.

6 Meal – Grilled fish

grilled fish

Okay guys, now that we’re done with the veggies. It’s time for the good stuff. Dinner for me during ketosis is always seafood.

Ok now, this isn’t just a keto-related concept but for your life, if you are following a high-protein diet keep changing up your protein sources.

Different protein sources give you different benefits. And seafood actually helps a lot with muscle recovery. Especially during keto make sure you have some form of seafood.

So in my case is this super awesome baby pomfret grilled in an Italian style and talk with a little extra virgin olive oil goodness. Oh yeah.

7 Meal – lamb seekh kebab

lamb seekh kebab

Ok guys and final meal of the day these gorgeous lamb seekh kebab. But keep in mind that this is completely optional. You don’t have to have this.

I’m just one of those people who feel super hungry at night and I have to fill my stomach sleeping. And as I said previously keep changing up your protein sources.

So in this case I’m using red meat. Now ideally you shouldn’t be having red meat every day. But again we’re on a ketogenic diet and we can afford all that extra fat.

And that’s why these lamb seekh kebabs do a more perfect late-night dinner.


Now you gotta keep in mind that no diet will only work if you do it for a minimum of 30 days. And psychologically you need to be really strong to execute a keto diet well.

Honestly, I feel the keto diet isn’t for everyone. Especially if you’re one of those people who really have an affinity towards carbohydrates.

So if you’re only fitness goal is to lose weight, you can check our custom keto meal plan. I think will help you a lot. Thank you.

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