What Time Of Day Should You Exercise And Walk?

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What Time Of Day Should You Exercise And Walk ?

Walking is the mildest and best exercise. We are structured in such a way that we should be walking all the time, walking not just helps in maintaining your weight balance but also helps in boosting up your immunity level.

It is statistically proved that people who go for a walk regularly are more sharp more energetic more active in life. 30 mins to one hour of walking in a day would become a regular good workout, this would also support digestion circulation and energy level and it would really help in very good sleep, having said that, walking can also cause lots of health hazards if we commit certain mistakes in it.

One such mistake is going for a walk at the wrong time, and what time of day should you exercise? here are some intervals during which you should avoid walking.

1) when the sun is down-

The pollution level in the air is higher before sunrise and after the sunset, while many health enthusiasts prefer to run early in the morning say by 4.30 they are on the road, running and walking but it is scientifically proven that the air during those hours is the most dangerous then at any other given time, the lack of wind and air pressure causes pollution to remain more at the ground level which makes it dangerous for our health, if pursued for a long time it can cause many health disasters like breathing problems and lung disorders, and it can cause even psychiatric problems. Between 7 am to 10 am is the best time to walk for exercise.

2) when the sun is at its peak –

11 am to 4 pm should be avoided for any outdoor activities and the heat during these hours is too strong to bear, this cannot only lead to rapid fatigue and heat stroke but also causes disorders of the skin, a person may have excessive sweat and dizziness and totally low in energy, the temperatures are usually very high around these periods and any sort of outdoor activities could be avoided to prevent extreme repercussion, while a stroll after lunch is highly recommended but brisk walking at these hours can do more harm than good, 4 pm till sunset are the ideal hours for the evening activities and evening outdoor walks, our body has less perceived exertion meaning we can exert more but feel less, this makes it a perfect hour for a run or a brisk walk, muscles are warm and flexible and naturally the risk of injury much less. I have observed that when people come back in the evening after work they feel very tired lethargic as if they have no energy left, now if a little walk is done before sunset or around sunset, a person will definitely have extra energy with him and this sluggishness and lethargy will be at bay.

3) walking at the time of heavy traffic-

Apart from obvious safety concerns of walking at nighttime, one must keep in mind that this extensive traffic can make one more prone to accident, walking and running in a dim light area not just proves to be dangerous but also leads to breathing issues and also leads to weakening of your eyesight, a person must motivate himself in pursuing any amount of exercise any type of exercise but there are many supportive factors which need to be taken into account, the age factor, the whether the traffic there are little little factors which we have to keep in mind when we are doing some exercise, so you make sure that you go for walk every day covering at least 8000-10000 steps and see that you walk at the right time with a good amount of zest enthusiasm and positivity and enjoy good health with a joyful and positive atmosphere.

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